11 August, 2007

more adventure in Scotland...

The remainder of our time in Scotland was far more comfortable. The next night we camped in what can only be described as the worlds most perfect spot; on a soft sandy beach beside the North Sea, with a small cluster of vegetation providing dry firewood and cover from the wind. It was breathtakingly scenic. The fringe festival was good, but the density of crowd that it generates makes me uneasy. there were some amazing street performers.

After Becca returned to Uncle Sam's territory I made way to Falkirk to meet with a friend of the family. I must extend my thanks to Frank and Grazunia for their incredible hospitality. I spent 2 days with them visiting some great out of the way attractions in Scotland including the Falkirk wheel and a small mining town nearby. It was a great rest from the intensity of traveling hobo-style. Got to play more than a handful of snooker and chess over more than a handful of port and scotch.

Finally the trip ended much as it began, with a 24 hour bus ride from Edinburgh to Den Haag. Pics to come in a later edit as they wont be developed until Friday.

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