11 August, 2007

camping flavoured adventure...

It was our second night in Scotland, Becca and I decide that we are going to camp that night in order to save money. So instead of the 16 quid hostel we bought 4.30 train tickets to the town of Longnidry which is right beside the North Sea. After what some might consider a few too many pints at a Polish pub called "Pivo", Becca convinces the barman to concoct an "Irish car bomb". (Half pint of Guinness with a whiskey/bailey's dropshot) We make it to the train and are off towards camping flavoured adventure. Of course, during that 25 minute train ride the weather shifted from a mild and refreshing drizzle to a torrential downpour. And I mean SERIOUS RAIN... we were soaked to the bone in a matter of seconds. But we pressed on. The idea was to find the ocean, luckily we did not. (the wind would have been too much) Instead, wandering through the darkness we turned left under a small bridge which granted us a few seconds relief from the rain and wind, and ended up on a gravel road running between two fields. Finally, I spot the optimal area up off the road under a tree in a bank of foliage between the gravel road and a farmers field. In less than 10 minutes flat, in the unyielding rain and complete darkness, I have the tent up. and we are sheltered. everything is drenched and it was a very cold night. the next morning we awoke at around 6 am and upon exiting the tent we found ourselves a few feet from a heard of MASSIVE cattle, who seemed as startled by us as we were by them.
We survived, and it made for quite the tale don't you think?

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Chrissy said...

Hehe...I can just picture it.