02 August, 2007

The adventure continues...

I always feel better when traveling. There is something about it that centers me.
The trip so far has been a great success. After a few days in Holland Becca and I hit the road for Brugge, which is an amazing city, seemingly built entirely out of cobblestone and red brick. After an initial wander about Brugge we gave up on the idea of camping here in order to see the Brooklyn Funk Essentials play a free show in the town square. Armed with a 6 pack of Amstel and 2 bottles of Belgian Kriek, we lounged out on a bench to the funky beats. We spent two nights at the HI hostel Europa just out of Brugge centreville, which gets 5 stars in my opinion. It was clean, safe, well situated and very reasonably priced at only 15 Euro per night. The following day served up a sampling of Belgium beers the highlight of which was a Christmas ale. On an interesting note, the Belgians are adamant about their beers and rituals of their serving and consumption. Every beer, of which there are ALOT, are served exclusively in the corresponding glass. So even ordering a Christmas ale at the end of July, I was provided a glass of the appropriate volume, with the brewery's name and the specific name of the beer embossed on it... amazing!

After a very very lame day in Brussels, the kind where everything goes so wrong that one can't help to look at the day through a filter of bitter humour, we pressed on to Paris, where everything would be better.

Paris proved once again, that it is the best damn place on this planet. All it takes is one night of drinking red wine from the bottle, watching fire jugglers in front of Notre Dame at night, and you'll know what I mean. This city never ceases to amaze me with its beauty.

well, this will hajve to be the end of this post... need to finish packing my bag and get on the 23 hour bus ride to Edinburgh for the opening day fo the fringe Festival!


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